Video Production

You probably already know what this means. Production is where we turn on the cameras and capture all footage and audio. We nail down the video’s look and feel, determine if you’ll need motion graphics and choose the perfect soundtrack.

In post production, it all comes together. We’ll get to editing right away, and loop you in for the *fun stuff.

  • Edit all raw footage

  • Provide transcriptions to client

  • *Review digital stories in three rounds (audio pass, rough cut, fine cut)

  • *Select and license soundtracks, in partnership with client

  • Complete color correction, sound mixing and integration of branding and graphics

  • Deliver final stories in required digital format.

Our primary services are Strategy + Storytelling, Video Production and Distribution.

Studio Kate is your best friend in these endeavors. We are with you from beginning to end, advocating for your cause. Our goal is to bring your hard work and successes into broad daylight, to illustrate why the world needs your organization.

We primarily work in three formats:

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