We make videos that have impact. We help clients distribute their videos widely and creatively to reach their core audiences – and new audiences. There are lots of opportunities for distribution, and we work with each client to determine what will work the best. Here are a few options:

  • Repurpose footage into short, bite-sized segments to provide content for client’s existing communication channels and drive viewers to website

  • Recruit client’s partners to post stories on websites and link back to client website

  • Promote Facebook posts through paid, targeted outreach strategy

  • Micro target through Google and Yahoo

  • Distribute video to bloggers with strong followings in target communities

  • Write blogs and stories to accompany video

  • Build and maximize YouTube & Vimeo channels

  • Develop companion PowerPoint presentations

  • Submit video to festivals and competitions

  • Produce DVDs and thumb drives for mailings, partners, stakeholders and conferences        

Our primary services are Strategy + Storytelling, Video Production and Distribution.

Studio Kate is your best friend in these endeavors. We are with you from beginning to end, advocating for your cause. Our goal is to bring your hard work and successes into broad daylight, to illustrate why the world needs your organization.

We primarily work in three formats:

Learn more about Studio Kate's Storytelling Strategy and Video Production offerings.