Letter From Kate

Dear Friends,

It’s September in Oregon, which means we are working overtime to capture great outdoor footage before the rains come! In the next few weeks we'll be cruising around in a boat on the Willamette River getting shots of a massive effort to keep our waters clean -- mind-boggling work most Oregonians don't know exists.

And then we’ll be traveling across the state to interview doctors, nurses and community health workers about innovative ways they’re improving Oregonians’ health. What if we could give a woman with diabetes a YMCA membership in addition to her medication? How would that affect her health? What if we could find out who visits the emergency rooms the most in our county, and then we go out proactively and figure out what they need? What if we could offer meditation and occupational therapy to our clients in chronic pain? Oregon’s transforming its health care system. Stay tuned; in December, we’ll share real stories about how Oregonians are making it happen.

Finally, Oregon’s about to become the state that cured cancer. We’re close to raising the $500 million that will trigger a $500 million match from Phil and Penny Knight for Oregon Health Sciences University’s Knight Cancer Center. That’s $1 billion for cancer research. We’ll be telling the stories of what that means for our state and our world at our client’s annual celebratory event, the Oregon Business Association’s Statesman of the Year Award Dinner. You can guess who they’ll be honoring this year.

This is such an amazing time of year in Oregon. It’s the time we savor the sun. These days are in stark contrast to the atrocities happening around the world, and not a day goes by when I don’t want to do more for communities beyond our borders. For now, I remain grateful for the people with whom I work here at home: the people who are keeping our air and water clean, the people who are keeping us healthy, and the people whose noses are pressed to the glass of a microscope, finding the cure for cancer.

I can’t wait to share their stories with you.