Recent Work: Simplifying a Complex Concept for PacificAg

PacificAg turned to Kate Raphael to solve a problem. As Harrison Pettit, PacificAg’s Vice President of Business Development, explains: “I’ve got a problem in trying to communicate a certain type of message and I needed someone to help me turn that into a vehicle to address that.” In almost all of his professional interactions, Pettit has to explain a cornerstone of PacificAg’s business, the Dedicated Supply Chain. For this business, the largest agricultural residue and forage harvesting business in the United States, the Dedicated Supply Chain provides for essential management of risk.

Production. Studio Kate worked closely with Pettit to develop a two-minute motion graphics video with appeal to diverse audiences, from farmers to investors. We partnered with Pettit to select the illustration style, the motion graphics artist, and the narrator. After researching the industry and PacificAg’s niche, Studio Kate took the lead in drafting the script and drawing the storyboards. Pettit provided timely feedback, allowing Studio Kate to deliver the piece in time for upcoming conferences and meetings.

We can’t describe who we are now without this video. It has become essential to what we do. When speaking with potential investors, this is always one of the most important things we show them. I have shown it at large conferences to several hundred people. I have shown it at industry events. Basically I have shown it to anyone who would listen.

Branded Storytelling. This video is also an excellent example of branded storytelling. PacificAg wanted the video to explain the concept first, then connect the concept to PacificAg. This would give the video additional value to other partners who also want to explain the Dedicated Supply Chain.

Pettit has found that the video has set them apart in the industry.

The video provided unique positioning within our marketplace, especially with our demand side customers. The video provided important and strategic positioning because it was very unique and unexpected. It’s a great attention getting communication tool. Even within our own organization, executives were pleasantly surprised at how well it captured what we are trying to communicate in the marketplace.

Jobs and the Environment. Here at Studio Kate, we thrive on helping organizations get their message out in pithy, dynamic, and eye-catching ways, especially when that organization is innovating on behalf of jobs and the environment. PacificAg’s work expanding feedstock supply chains accomplishes multiple goals including expanding income sources for farmers, replacing petroleum and other fossil sources to create bioenergy and other bio-based products, and supporting the need for animal protein to meet demands of an expanding middle class.  PacificAg is meeting the demand for bio-based energy solutions, and Studio Kate is proud to be a partner in helping develop an informed and loyal customer base.

Watch the video here.

Production Team

Producer: Kate Raphael
Writers: Kate Raphael & Jinx Faulkner
Motion Graphics Artist: Josh Balleza
Narrator: Mary Kadderly
Soundtrack: Clouds (Instrumental) by Marmoset

The video has given us a shot in the arm in our positioning in the industry. Our biggest customer is a 12 billion dollar Spanish company. They told us that this video is better than anything they have done.